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Poster Session

2017 Poster session Tuesday May 30 3:00-5:00 pm,
first floor of Kemeny Hall

All undergraduates who have done research projects in pure or applied mathematics in this academic year
(7/2016-6/2017) are invited to present a poster at the Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Poster Session. Projects may be big or small, part of a class assignment, done independently or as part of an internship, fellowship or senior thesis. All undergraduates may participate. ***Register in 102 Kemeny***

Awards and Prizes

A prize will be awarded for the best project in both Pure Math and Applied Math, based on the information in the poster. Posters will be judged on presentation, exposition and creativity. First prize is an iPad mini! (or equivalent gift certificate to the bookstore or computer store). Second prizes are to be decided and will be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

2017 Poster Session

2013 Poster Session

First Place:
John Conley - The Fractal Nature of Schottky Groups

Second Place:
Pawan Dhakal - Construction of the Flag of Nepal in the Conjugate Coordinate System using Mathematica

Third Place:
Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins - Interval Vector Polytopes

Photo gallery of all the 2013 posters.

2012 Poster Session

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