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Thayer Prize
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Dartmouth College’s Mathematics Prize Exam for First-Year Students

Up to $1000 is available for prizes. Creativity and originality are weighed heavily.

2020 Thayer Prize Exam — Saturday, May 30

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From Professor Vladimir Chernov:

Dear first year students: The Thayer Mathematics Exam for First Year Dartmouth Students is scheduled to be held online on Saturday May 30, 2020. If you can not take the exam on this day please tell us in advance and you will be allowed to take it on Sunday May 31.

If you want to register for the exam and to be able to take the exam, please send an email to by Sunday May 10, 2020. On the day of the exam you will receive by email the file with the exam problems. You will be allowed to work 3 hours on the exam. You will be taking the exam under the Dartmouth Honors Code and you can not use or give any help. You also can not use any books, computers, online resources etc. After the end of the 3 hours you stop working on the exam, scan the problems into one PDF file and email it to This should be done on the same day as the day you took the exam.

The Mathematics Department Prize fund for this exam is up to \$1000 that are to be distributed between the exam winners. The exam consists of Mathematics Olympiad style problems. Originality and creativity are heavily weighed.

If you register for the exam, we will send you the exam file containing the problems from one of the previous exams.