M109, Topics in Mathematical Logic


Jindrich Zapletal


By arrangement


The people leaving the class will understand what infinite games are and how they can be used in the study of subsets of the real line. I will prove Borel determinacy (in ZFC) and analytic determinacy (from large cardinals). I will introduce the Axiom of Determinacy and I will discuss its basic consequences and its place in modern mathematics.


Everyone familiar with basic notions of abstract mathematics is welcome.


No book in particular. There are sections on determinacy in T. Jech: Set Theory and A. S. Kechris: I forgot the name. Both of these can be used as your guide through the course. A very extensive treatment is found in Y. Moschovakis: Descriptive Set Theory, but this book goes way beyond what I want to cover in this course and you may experience information overload.


At this point, this is a seriously boring web page. I am still learning it; I promise I will make it more interesting in time.