#Due DateAssignment FileMaterialsScans of Problems From TextbookSolutions
14/6HW 11995HouseholdStatisticsHW1 Solutions
24/11HW 2mlbHrData -or- mlbHrData (use if you have trouble opening the other)HW2 ScansHW2 Solutions
34/18HW 3HW3 ScansHW3 Solutions
45/2HW 4Super z-TableHW4 ScansHW4 Solutions
55/10HW 5HW 5 ScansHW5 Solutions
65/24HW 6HW 6 ScansHW6 Solutions
75/30HW 7p539,p540,p541,p542,p543HW7 Solutions

Final Review Problems

Book Problems
Practice Final 1
Practice Final 2