Please note that the syllabus is tenative and thus is subject to change.
DateChaptersBrief DescriptionMaterials
3/261,2Design of Experiments
3/283,4Mean, Median, SD, Presenting DataBirthdays, Baseball Salaries
3/305The Normal CurveSum of Dice Rolls
4/25,8z-Tables, CorrelationNYT Article, Golf Handicaps
4/49CorrelationHeightsAndWeights, US HDI by State, US HDI by CD, World HDI, 2011 Baseball, TVs
4/610RegressionBatting, Our Heights, HANES3
4/911,12R.M.S. Error and the Regression LineNHES3
4/1112Regression ReviewNHANES, Regression Review
4/1313Probability (Definitions, Conditional Probability, Multiplication Rule, Independence)
4/1614More Probability (Examples, Addition Rule)
4/1815More Probability (Binomial Coeffecients)
4/19--Review :PRegression Review, Midterm 1 Practice, Special Review Solutions
4/2016,17Law of Averages, Expected Value
4/2316,17Law of Averages, Expected Value
4/2517,18Probability and the Normal Distribution
4/2719Sampling and Errors
4/3020Sampling and Errors
5/221Confidence Intervals
5/3--Ch 19-21 ReviewCh 19-21 Probs w/ answers @ end
5/421Confidence Intervals
5/722Current Population Survey
5/923Accuracy of Averages
5/10--Ch 19-21 ReviewCh 21-23 Probs w/ answers @ end, Extra Practice (not a substitute for the x-hour sheets)
5/1124Review, Measurement Error
5/1425Chance Models
5/18--Q15 Retake
5/2127Tests of Averages
5/2429More Applications of Tests
5/25--NO CLASS
5/28--NO CLASS (Pre-exam break)
5/3029+More Applications of Tests, ReviewNH Lottery, Greece, NH Lottery Expected