Math 113
Functional Calculus
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General Information Syllabus HW Assignments


The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated irregularly.
On the other hand, the weekly syllabus contained in the Homework Assignments page will always be accurate.

Lectures Sections in Text Brief Description
First week Chapter 1, Sections 1--3 Hilbert Spaces
Second week Chapter 1, Sections 4--5 Hilbert Spaces
Third week Chapter 1, Section 6, and Chapter 2, Sections 1,2 Operators on Hilbert Spaces
Fourth week Chapter 2, Section 3 Operators on Hilbert Spaces (cont'd)
Fifth week Chapter 2, Sections 4,5 Operators on Hilbert Spaces (cont'd)
Sixth week Chapter 2, Section 7 and Chapter 3, Sections 1--3 Banach Spaces
Seventh week Chapter 3, Sections 4--6 Banach Spaces (cont'd)
Eight week Chapter 3, Sections 10,11 Banach Spaces
Nineth week Chapter 3, Sections 12,14 Banach Spaces

Marius Ionescu
Last updated May 31, 2008 12:23:59 EDT