Some Practice Integrals

There really are not that many techniques of integration which you are required to know, and in principle all are straightforward, however they are often combined in clever ways which make a given problem appear difficult. Unfortunately there is no way to master techniques of integration except by practice.  Moreover, on an exam, we do not say evaluate this integral by parts or partial fractions.  It is up to you to decide upon the most appropriate method.  For the hour exam, we certainly expect reasonable facility in handling routine integrals, and those who have practiced certainly will find that part of the exam easier.  Enough said.

Professor Arkowitz from Math 11 and Professor Taggart from Math 12 were kind enough to make up some practice integrals to keep you warm on cold nights.  Maple can reveal your success.

Math 11 Practice Integrals

Math 12 Practice Integrals

By the way, these are pdf files for which you need Acrobat Reader.