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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of calculator do I need for the course?
    None. We will make use of the computer, especially Maple and Netscape, which far outstrips the potential of a standard calculator. Of course, if you have one and want to use it, that's fine modulo the provisos of the next two questions.
  2. Can I use a calculator on the exams?
    Yes, but only for computational purposes. No symbolic manipulation or numerical integration features can be used. The honor principle is in force here.
  3. Can I use a calculator on the homework?
    Sure, but you would be well advised to use only those features which will be allowed in an exam. Of course to gain insight for the course, use every possible option available to you.
  4. When I try and run Maple V (PPC), my computer says I'm missing the file glShdlib
    You have not followed the instructions that were included in the "Maple V Install*READ ME!" which you downloaded along with "Maple V Release 5.sit". You will note that in the (unstuffed) Maple V folder is another folder called "Put Contents in Extensions folder". Guess you'd better follow up on those instructions.

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