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An Introduction to C*-algebras

Meets: MWF 10:00 -- 11:05
Instructor: Dana P. Williams
Room: 120  Kemeny
Text: See Below

General Description: This course is meant to be a gentle introduction to the theory of operator algebras.  We will start with a review of spectral theory followed by the basics of C*-theory.  After that, the content will depend on the participant's interests.  (For a more formal course announcement, click here.)

Text: It is not necessary to buy a text for this course.  We will losely follow Gerard Murhy's C*-algebras and Operator Theory, and this is a useful text to own if you are interested in the subject.  We will try to keep a copy of this text and other references (mentioned in the course description document linked above) in the graduate lounge in Kemeny Hall for everyone in the course to use.  You may also find sections §§2-4 of my notes on spectral theory useful.

Lecture Notes:  I've started LaTeXing my lecture notes.  Although this file may change almost daily, I'll make a link here for folks who want to have a look.  I most definitely recommend taking your own notes in class and using these for comparision.  Everyone in class can have access to some sort of final version this summer.

Work load: Please come see me (305 Kemeny Hall) if you are uncertain about taking the course -- either due to your prepraration or the work load associated to the course.