Math 124

  Current problems 

in Topology




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Vladimir Chernov

Contact Information

Office: 414 Bradley Hall

Telephone: (603) 646 2421



Lectures Tuesday and Thursday 2-3:50 PM

(x-hour Wednesday 4:15-5:05 PM)

office hours are Monday 6-8 PM, Wednesday 8-9 PM, Friday  10-11:30 AM and by appointment. I am very flexible with appointments so please do not hesitate to schedule one if needed.


Room 013 Bradley Hall


Michael Spivak

A comprehensive introduction to differential geometry

volume one

Third edition

Publish or Perish


  Course Grade



will be based on

  Written Homework                                                        150 points
Oral Presentation of Homework
*                                    100 points
Takehome Midterm Exam                                             100 points
Takehome Final Exam                                                  150 points
Total                                                                            500 points

* If requested, oral presentation of homework can be made in my office rather than in class; or even substituted to a written assignment with the student answering my questions on the written solution.