MA 129: Topics in Set Theory

129 A: This is a graduate introduction to set theory, with an emphasis on descriptive set theory and preparation for the qualifying exam. The primary text will be Kenneth Kunen's Set Theory, an Introduction to Independence Proofs, supplemented by survey papers and portions of The Higher Infinite, by Akihiro Kanamori. Topics covered will include; transfinite numbers, infinitary combinatorics, Godel's L, forcing, and large cardinals.

129 B: This is a reading course for the graduate student already familiar with basic set theory, to include set forcing. We will study class forcing in the context of inner model theory by covering Sy Friedman's Fine Structure and Class Forcing.

Since these are in effect two different courses, they will meet separately.
129A is tentatively scheduled for 11-12:30, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 129B is not yet organized.
Please contact E. T. Brown if interested.