Math 12 - Calculus Plus - Fall 2010

Dartmouth College

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Honor Code:

The honor principle on homework: You can talk to other students about the material. You can also consult a tutor, TA and professor. When you write your solutions, however, you should do this on your own. What you turn in as a homework solution is to be your own understanding of how to do the problem. Students must state what sources they have consulted (other than text and class notes). You must also state the names of students with whom you have collaborated, and from whom you have received help. It is a violation of the honor code to use solutions to problems that may be posted on the web or written by someone else. The solutions you submit must be written by you alone. Any copying (electronic or otherwise) of another person's solutions, in whole or in part, is a violation of the Honor Code. For instance, it is a breach of the honor code to read the solutions of someone else in order to write your solution.

The honor principle on exams: Students may not give or receive assistance of any kind on an exam from any person except for the professor or someone explicitly designated by the professor to answer questions about the exam.

If you have any questions as to whether some action would be acceptable under the Academic Honor Code, please speak to me and I will be glad to help clarify things. It is always easier to ask beforehand than to have trouble later!

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