Math 12, Winter 2006, Instructor Rebecca Weber

Welcome to Math 12! This page will be updated regularly (I hope) and provide information to help you keep track of the course.

Homework assignments will be posted online so you have the list all together.


There will be a review session Friday 2-5 pm in Bradley 104. I will hold additional office hours this week, Thursday 1-3 pm, and you are also welcome to make appointments. Other than midafternoon Tuesday and (possibly) late afternoon Thursday I am flexible in meeting times.

Our final exam will be held 8:00 AM, Saturday March 11, in our classroom Bradley 104.

The homework list is now complete.

The day-by-day schedule, for the time remaining:
3/9office hours 1-3 pm
3/10review session 2-5 pm, Bradley 104
3/11exam, 8 am, Bradley 104

I'm hoping to have the exams graded by the end of the weekend, but certainly will by the end of Monday. I'll be leaving town the morning of Wednesday the 15th, but if you'd like to talk about the exam on Tuesday I will make time to be in the department that afternoon.

General information, reprinted from the syllabus:
My office is in 412 Bradley Hall, phone number 646-1720. However, it's better to e-mail me to get in touch, since as of this writing I still don't have access to my voice mail. You can also Blitz, I check both that and my math department e-mail regularly.

Office hours will be any unused X-hour, plus 4-5 PM Tuesdays. They will be held in my office, Bradley 412. Appointments are also welcome if the scheduled hours don't work out for you some week. The course meets in the 11 hour, 11:15-12:20 MWF, in Bradley 104. Our X-hour is Tuesday 12:00-12:50, and we will use it occasionally.

The textbook, available in the bookstore, is the fifth edition of James Stewart's Calculus, which has a black cover with a close-up of a violin on the front. We will cover most of the sections in chapters 13-17, but in a different order from that of the book.

The calendar, in all its irregularity:
January 4 (W): First day of classes
January 7 (Saturday!!!): We meet at 9:15
January 16 (M): No meeting, instead meet in X-hour (Jan 17)
January 27 (F): Midterm Examination I
February 10 (F): No meeting, instead meet in X-hour (Feb 7)
February 15/16 (W/H): Midterm Examination II
March 8 (W): Last day of classes
March 11 (Sa): Final Exam, 8:00 AM

Last modified March 9, 2006