Fall 02, Math 13, Course announcement

Fall 2002, Math 13, Calculus of vector-valued functions

Meeting time: MWF 12:30 - 1:35 PM, x-hour Tu 1:00 - 1:50 PM
Meeting place: 102 Bradley
Instructor: Dorin Dumitrascu
Office: 103 Choate house
Office phone: (64)6-2293
e-mail address: dorin.dumitrascu@dartmouth.edu

Office hours:
Mo,Tu,Wed: 2:00 - 3:00 PM,
(plus Tu, 1:00 - 1:50 PM, if x-hour is not held)
or by appointment.

The web address of the course:

Text-book: Basic Multivariable Calculus, by J. Marsden, A. Tromba, A. Weinstein, corrected 3rd printing, 2000, Springer, W.H.Freeman and Company.

Grading policy:

100 points, 1st midterm exam (Wednesday, October 23, 6-8 PM)
100 points, 2nd midterm exam (Wednesday, November 13, 6-8 PM)
60 points, homework
140 points, comprehensive final exam (Tuesday, December 10, 8-10 AM)
400 points = total

Prerequisites: A fair understanding about functions, graphing, continuity, derivation and integration.


Homework is assigned on a weekly basis. The written assignments are due in class, on Mondays. No late homework will be accepted without a valid excuse. Not only are the homework results counted towards the final grade, but doing the homework represents the best preparation for the exams and for the class as a whole.

Quizzes: About once every other week, announced at least two classes in advance. Are not counted towards the final grade. Regard them as a way of monitoring your progress.

Tutorial assistance: Help with your homework will be available in 104 Bradley, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening 7:30 - 9:30. Tutorials will begin on Sunday, September 29. Norman Bradley will be the tutor.

Pieces of advice:
(1) Work hard from the very beginning. Do not let the material accumulate without working through it. As we go along, it is your obligation to read the whole material of the assigned sections. Do not expect all the details to be covered in class.

(2) Do not hesitate to ask me questions (during the class, after class, during review sessions). Come to the office hours. If you have a schedule conflict, set up an appointment with me. (I am a very flexible guy in this respect!)

(3) Read the university's honor principle. You are allowed and I encourage you to discuss among yourselves the ideas of the course, but the homework and the quizzes and the exams should reflect your own understanding of the subject.

I wish you an enjoyable semester!