Math 13: Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions
Fall 2005

Mon, Wed & Fri 12:30 - 1:35pm
X-Hour: Tues. 1-1:50PM
Location: 102 Bradley Hall

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Instructor: Craig Sutton
Office: 307 Bradley Hall
E-mail: craig.j.sutton AT
Phone: 646-1059
Office Hours: 
Mon. 3:00 - 4:30 PM
Tues. 1-2PM (when we don't use our X-hour)
Fri.    9 - 10:30 AM
(Also by Appointment)

         Paul Kinlaw
Tutorial:  7-9PM (Su., Tu. & Th.)
Location: 104 Gerry Hall 

Math 13 Syllabus/Homework

General Information

Vector Calculus (3rd Edition), Susan J. Colley.  (required)

Course Description: This course is a sequel to Math 8/9 and provides an introduction to the calculus of vector-valued functions. Although this is a topic of intrinsic mathematical interest (especially for those who like geometry & analysis), it should also be of particular relevance to students interested in physics and engineering.

Topics will include some of the following:

Prerequisites: Math 8 or the equivalent. If you are unsure about your preparation please speak with me as soon as possible.

Disabilities: If you have a disability and require disability related accommodations please speak to me and Cathy Trueba, Director of Student Disability Services, in the Academic Skills Center as soon as possible, so we can find a remedy.

Office Hours: Office Hours are a good time to flesh out material you're having trouble with or to go beyond the syllabus. Please don't hesitate to stop by in either case.

Tutorials: Starting Sept. 22 Paul Kinlaw will run a tutorial for this course on Su., Tu. & Th. 7-9PM in 104 Gerry Hall.


A. Reading: Corresponding to each class there will be a reading assignment which should be completed before coming to class.

B. Daily Exercises: Corresponding to each class there will be daily homework problems which are intended to help you flesh out the material we discussed that day. Although these problems will not be collected or graded, you should complete these problems before the next class.

C. Weekly Homework: There will be weekly homework assignments for this course whihc in general will be assigned on Wednesday and collected the following Wednesday at the start of class. No late homework will be accepted (see "Personal Day" below).

Personal Day:
During the course of the term things will come up. You might catch a cold, have a fight with a friend, or perhaps you will have a sudden attack of lethargy. All of these things can temporarily impair your ability and desire to do your work. For this reason each of you will be granted one personal day. That is, I will drop your lowest homework score of the semester in order to smooth out a minor bump during the semester. Therefore, I will not accept late homework except in the event of a major crisis (e.g., family issues, protracted illness, etc.). In this event you should speak with your dean and obtain a note outlining the issue, so we can devise a plan to get you back on track.

Honor Principle:

A. Homework: I encourage you to form study groups to discuss the course material and homework problems. However, the           assignments you turn in should be in your own words and handwriting. Also, the names of others you consulted with must appear    at the top of your assignment.

B. Exams: You should not give or receive help during exams. All exams are closed book unless otherwise stated.

(Tentative) Grading Policy

Your course grade will probably be determined by the following scheme.

Weekly Homework:       15%
Exam I :                          25%
Exam II :                        25%
Final :                              35%

I will announce the definitive grading guide in the coming weeks.



Sept. 21
Sept. 23


Sept. 26

Sept. 27 (X-Hour)

Sept. 28
Sept. 30


Oct. 3
Oct. 4 (X-hour)
Oct. 5
Oct. 7


Oct. 10
Oct. 11 Exam I: 7-9PM  (Rockefeller 2)

Oct. 12

Oct. 14


Oct. 17

Oct. 19

Oct. 21


Oct. 24

Oct. 26
Oct. 28


Oct. 31
Nov. 2
Nov. 4


Nov. 7
Pre-Exam Office Hours:

Nov. 8
Exam II 7-9 PM (Carson L01)

Nov. 9
Nov. 11


Nov. 14
Nov. 16
Nov. 18


Nov. 21
Nov. 23
Nov. 25


Nov. 28
Nov. 30
Pre-Exam Office Hours
Saturday, Dec. 3  8-11AM Final Exam (102 Bradley)