Math 13

Fall 2011

Calculus of vector valued functions



This lecture plan is tentative and will be updated irregularly. With strong likelihood some of the topics in the end of the syllabus will not be covered. The written homework page and the WeBWorK assignment will be updated on the regular basis



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Wednesday September 21, 2010


The geometry of Euclidean space


September 23, 2010

2.1, 2.2

The geometry of real-valued functions. Limits and continuity

 Monday September 26


Limits and Continuity, Differentiation

Wednesday September 28


Introduction to paths

Friday September 30

Section 2.5 and Derivatives as matrices

Derivatives as matrices, properties of derivatives

Monday October 3



Gradients and directional derivatives.

Wednesday October 5

Final day for electing to use the Non-Recording Option.


Iterated partial derivatives

Friday October 7


Taylor series

Monday October 10


Extrema of real-valued functions

Wednesday  October 12



Constrained extrema and Lagrange multipliers.

Friday October 14


Implicit function theorem

Monday October 17


Acceleration, Newton’s second law

Tuesday October 18

No class

The First Midterm Exam 6-8 PM in Carpenter 013

Wednesday October 19


Arc Length

Friday October 21

Homecoming weekend

No class. Instead we will have an x-hour on Tuesday October 25

Monday October 24

Read Section 4.3

Vector fields

Tuesday October 25

x-hour instead of the class on Friday October 21

Read Section 4.4 and start section 5.1

Divergence and Curl

Wednesday October 26

5.1, 5.2

The double integral

Friday October 28

5.3, 5.4

The double integral over more general regions. Changing the order of integration.

Monday October 31

Note that Tuesday November 1 is the final day for dropping the fourth course without the grade notation of W


The triple integral.

Tuesday November 1

x-hour instead of the class on Monday November 28

6.1, 6.2

The geometry of maps from R2 to  R The change of variables theorem

Wednesday November 2


The change of Variables Theorem.

Friday November 4


Applications of double and triple integrals

Monday November 7

7.1 and 7.2

The path integral and the line integral

Tuesday November 8

x-hour possibly instead of one of the coming classes

6-8 PM Second Midterm Exam in Carpenter 013


Parametrized surfaces

Wednesday November 9


Area of a surface

Friday November 11

Final day to withdraw from a course

7.5, 7.6

Integrals of vector fields and scalar functions over surfaces

Monday November 14


Green's theorem

Wednesday November  16


Stokes's theorem

Friday November 18

Final day to alter the grade limit filed under the NRO


Conservative fields

Monday November 21


Gauss' theorem

Thanksgiving recess: starts at 5:50 PM on Tuesday November 22 and ends at 7:45 AM on Monday November 28

Monday November 28

No class. Instead we will have an x-hour on

Tuesday November 1

Wednesday November 30


Differential Forms and Stokes Theorem

Thursday December 1-Friday December 2

Pre-Examination Break



Math 13 Final Exam is 3-6 PM Saturday December 3 in

Kemeny 007

Final Examinations begin on Saturday December 3 and end on Wednesday December 7