Assignment 8

Due Monday October 11

12.2 18,19,20

12.3 1,3,4,6

1) a parameterized curve in R2 given by

x = t3 y = t6

is not differentiable at t = 0.

    Sketch the curve. Is it possible to give another parametrization for the same curve which is differential everywhere? If so give such parametrization.


    2)a canon fire at angle of 30. The ball hit the ground 100 ft. from the cannon. assume that the only force is the gravitation (32 ft/sc2) find the initial speed and time of the flight.

    3) Find the tangential and normal component of the acceleration vector.

      a) r(t) = (t2+4)i+(2t-3)j

      b) r(t) = ti+4sin(t)j+4cos(t)k


    4) Drew a couture map of the function showing several level curves.

      a) f(x,y) = xy

      b ) f(x,y) = exy

      c) f(x,y) =



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