Math 13


All homework assignments will be posted here, along with their due date. Please leave homework in the box outside of Bradley 101 labeled "Math 13 homework drop off" at the beginning of each class.

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Please note: The problems listed here are subject to change up until the day that the sections are presented in class. If you check for assignments way ahead of time, please check again closer to the due date to make sure one or two problems have not changed!

Link to Assingments 1-18

note: this book uses "log" for "ln", watch for this in the future


Assignment 19 due Friday May 17

  • 7.2: 1,3,5,7(answer is -2pi), 8(do this both ways - you will need the double angle formulas, ans: 20pi)

Assignment 20 due Monday May 20

  • 7.2: 9,12,13,14,19

Assignment 21 due Wednesday May 22

  • 7.3: 1(set up s.i., evaluate triple integral), 2, 3, 5(counted as 2 problems)

Assignment 22 due Friday May 24

  • 7.3: 6,8,11, section 6.4 #15 - use Gauss' Thm to simplify this problem (find flux out of surface), do the following problem: Find the flux of F=(3y^2x, yx, -3zy^2) out of the 4 sided solid with corners (0,0,0), (0,2,0), (5,0,0), (0,0,4) and planes as sides.