Lecture Notes

These notes are intended for those who have attended class, the author disclaims any warranty to the extent allowed by law for their usefulness by those who did not attend the relevant lecture

Wednesday March 26th: Math 8/9 Review Part I

Friday March 28th: Math 8/9 Review Part II

Monday March 31: Parametrization of Curves

Wednesday April 2: Vector differentiation, Curvature

Friday April 4: Arc Length

Monday April 7: Scalar Line Integral

Wednesday April 9: Vector Line Integral

Friday April 11: Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals

Monday April 14: Two Technique for Finding Potential Functions

Friday April 18: Double Integrals

Monday April 21: Double Integrals Cont.

Tuesday April 22:Probability

Wednesday April 23: Parametrizing surfaces

Friday April 25: Parametrizing surfaces [cont.]

Monday April 28: Surface Integrals

Wednesday April 30: Surface Integrals

Friday May 2: Volume Integrals

Wednesday May 7/Friday May 9: Stokes' Theorems

Monday May 12: Stokes' Theorems Cont.

Wednesday May 14: Stokes' Theorems Cont.

Friday May 16: Stokes' Theorems Cont.

Monday May 19:Finding area enclosed by a curve

Wednesday May 21/Friday May 23: The generalized Derivative