Math 13: Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions

Spring 2006

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Much of the information on this page is tentative, and subject to change. For more (and more current) information, visit the course's
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Course Description

This course is a sequel to Mathematics 8 and provides an introduction to calculus of vector-valued functions. Topics include differentiation and integration of parametrically defined functions with interpretations of velocity, acceleration, arclength and curvature. Other topics include iterated, double, triple and surface integrals including change of coordinates. The remainder of the course is devoted to vector fields, line integrals, Greenís theorem, curl and divergence, and Stokesí theorem.


Vector Calculus, 5th ed., by Jerrold Marsden and Anthony Tromba.

Avaliable at Wheelock Books.

Scheduled Lectures

This class is scheduled during the 12 hour: The x-hour will be used as needed to keep pace with the syllabus and text material. Please keep this time available.


Office Hours

Check your course section's
Blackboard page for details.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned weekly, and will be due each Friday at the beginning of class. New assignments will be posted on the course's
Blackboard page on Fridays after class. Late homework will NOT be accepted.

Some things to note while working on the homework:


Your work in this course will be subject to the following grading scheme:

Exam 125%
Exam 225%
Final Exam30%

Also note: Though class participation is not directly a part of the grading for this course, be aware that good attendance and participation will make it easier for your instructors to make end-of-term grading decisions. For example, if your final grade is a high B, good participation and attendance may bump you up to a B+.


There will be two midterm exams and one final exam.

Honor Principle

On Exams and Quizzes: No help given or received.

On Homework: Working together is permitted and encouraged, but NO COPYING. You are welcome to work in groups to discuss the ideas and specific problems (also feel free to discuss with your instructor, tutors, and anyone else you may find). However, each student is expected to produce the final written homework set individually and independently.

Special Needs

Students with special needs who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible, certainly within the first two weeks of the course. Also, they should stop by the
Academic Skills Center in Collis Center to register for support services.