Math 13 - Spring 2010

Dartmouth College

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Homework Policy:

"To learn read, to think write, to master teach."

There will be three types of homework assigned in this course, the reason for this is to help you learn the material, you have to be aware that to learn mathematics you actually have to do mathematics. You cannot really learn just by watching me or the TA solve problems for you. Also remember that homework is a dress rehearsal for the exams.

For better results I recommend that you do the reading assignment first, then the practice assignment and finally the writting assignment. It would be great if you formed a study group so that you can teach someone else the material, this way you would trully master the concepts.

Reading Assignment: What reading math? Yes, most students that are successful in mathematics actually read their books/notes first to understand the concepts before attempting problems. This will save you lots of time since you don't have to be guessing what the definitions when doing the problems. Also reading will acquaint you with your book and hopefully reduce the things that you have to learn the night before the exam. Reading the book first is a smarter way to study.

Practice Problems: This one is obvious, you have to first practice easy problems to build your confidence. This will be done in the computer using WeBWork so that you get immediate feedback. If you cannot do these problems and you have done the reading assignment then you should go see the TA or come to see me. Sometimes you have forgotten something from some previous class and I or the TA can remind you.

Written Assignment: These problems will be a bit more challenging and will check whether you have understood the material, it is due once a week; however, please do not leave it until 10PM the night before it is due because chances are you won't be able to finish it. These problems are intended to give you a better preparation and a deeper understanding of what you have learned during the previous week.

The following are some guidelines when preparing your written assignment:
If you do not follow these guidelines, your homework will be returned to you ungraded.

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