Math 13: Multivariable Calculus

Spring 2011

LIF visualization of a turbulent jet (C. Fukushima & J. Westerweel)

Look here for more pictures and brief explanations




WebWork Assignments can be found here.

Written Homework

In general written homework will be assigned each Wednesday and will be collected the following Wednesday. Your assignments must be turned in by 12:30 PM on the due date in the boxes outside 105 Kemeny (or in class). Look for the column of boxes labeled "Math 13, Spring 2011" and deposit your assignment in the box on the left corresponding to the first letter of your family name (A-F, G-M, N-S, T-Z). If you have signed and returned the FERPA waiver, you can collect your homework from the box on the right coresponding to the first letter of your family name. If you do not sign the waiver, then you can collect your homework from your instructor during office hours by presenting your Dartmouth ID.


Assignment 1 (Due April 6) HW1
Assignment 2 (Due April 13) HW2
Assignment 3 (Due April 20) HW3
Assignment 4 ( Due April 27) HW4
Assignment 5 (Due May 4) HW5
Assignment 6 (Due May 11) HW6
Assignment 7 (Due May 25) HW7
Assignment 8 (Do Not Hand In)





Last Updated 29 March, 2011