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Maple Stuff

On this page you will find things related to Maple. We do not have any specific plans for Maple, but we believe that you will find it to be useful in Math 13. Maple is a Computer Algebra System, and as such it contains many calculus tools. For example, it can compute partial derivatives. Thus, we suggest that you install Maple on your computer.

For installation instructions, go to the Mathematics Department Software Resources web page and look at the section on "Maple Information pages." In addition to containing installation instructions for Mac and PC users, it also gives the pointer to a start-up Maple Primer that will allow you to give Maple a test run.

 Here we will put class demos of any 3-D work that we do in Maple.


Class Demos

(The downloadable files are compressed in Aladdin's ".sit" format. If need be,
get the free expander from the Aladdin website to unstuff them.)

Maple WorksheetsDate
Day #9: Vector FieldsJanuary 24, 2003





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