Homework due day 10

Practise lecture on board and voice work

A) Prepare a 5-7 minute lecture on a calculus topic of your choosing (eg from the course you will be teaching next year, or anything you like) focusing on blackboard and voice work. You will deliver them in 007; we will all sit on the back row, and all provide anonymous feedback. You should do the following things: (You may ask questions from us "students" if you want.) The point of this is to help you make good board work automatic so it will come more naturally in MC2 and your future lectures. (In the heat of the moment some of your board work suffered during MC1.)

We will start with a vocal warm-up exercise!

B) work on your first lesson plan, and have a draft, need not be finished. You may need to coordinate with the others to know which ideas/concepts have already been introduced. (The full lesson plan will be done for Wed).

Have fun with it, Alex & Rosa