Homework due day 6

Group work on Math Camp 1 content goals

A plan for math camp that includes goals for the math camp as a whole, and goals for each day and part of a day. Include both specific mathematical goals and your two general higher-level goals (and possibly, for individual days or lessons, subgoals of those general goals).


  1. Prepare at least the first 5 minutes of a presentation you will give in math camp, with specific attention to board work. Feel free to act as though we are the high school students. Due Tuesday.
  2. Read Krantz sections 2.1-2.4 (about 9 pages)
  3. Write a detailed lesson plan for one of the math camp lessons. A lesson plan includes: For our purposes, "in detail" includes everything you expect to be on the board, and more or less everything you expect to say. It includes everything you plan to do (and your plans can include things like "say this very enthusiastically"). As a specific example, do not just say, "Ask the students for examples." There are many structures and formats for "asking students."

Bring copies of your plan to class.