Homework due day 12

  1. As a group, prepare a lesson plan for Day 1 of math camp. Anyone who is not preparing a lesson play for a portion of Day 1, prepare a lesson plan for the first section you are responsible for.

    The lesson plan for each coherent segment should include the following: (a) What prior knowledge and skills does this lesson depend on? (b) What knowledge and skills from this lesson will later lessons depend on? (c) How will you know at the end of the lesson whether all your students have acquired them?

    We'd like you to drop off copies of your lesson plan for each of us (ie 3 copies), at noon (12pm) tomorrow, so that we can read them in time for 1pm. This way we'll use your time more efficiently between 1-4pm rather than having you wait around while we read.

  2. For Thursday, read Krantz sections 2.1 and 2.3 on voice and blackboard technique, and, keeping this in mind, prepare a 5-minute presentation on a topic from the second math camp.