Homework due day 2

(1) As a group, come up with a list of seven or eight goals for the first high school math camp. As in our exercise today, these goals should be focused on student knowledge, capabilities, behaviors, and beliefs. ("Students will do...," not, "Students will be exposed to...") and be such that progress can be evaluated by measures (not necessarily quantitative) of student behavior. Since you have not yet chosen a topic for the camp, they will not be content-specific goals. Please don't include something like "they will learn the material." You will have a chance to determine content specific goals later.

(2) Prepare a five-minute presentation for the class about some topic connected with your thesis research. You will give this presentation tomorrow, and we will videotape it. At the end of the course, you will give another five-minute presentation, and will be able to compare them, and to include this record of progress in your portfolio. You may, of course, use the blackboard for your presentation; for this exercise, do not use the computer. You do not have to talk about your actual thesis question. Choose a topic appropriate for this audience. Be sure to limit your presentation to five minutes, as we will stop recording at that point. (Suggestion: Plan for four minutes.)