Homework due day 6

Produce a detailed overall plan for the first math camp. You do not need to have lesson plans, but the entire structure should be planned in detail. What is the schedule? What topics are taught when? Who is responsible for teaching? What will other people be doing during that time? Who is responsible for other things? What materials are needed? Who will obtain them, and when? Are there breaks, and if so, what happens during them? What is your overall plan for evaluation, and how is it scheduled and implemented on a day-to-day basis?

We require three things of you:

  1. First, each of you must have an equitable share of teaching respon- sibilities and opportunities. When it comes to teaching, this means a fair distribution of time, but it also means that everyone has a chance to try different techniques; you may not have the best lecturers, or the least nervous ones, do all the speaking.
  2. Second, at all times one of you must be an observer. Since we may ask the observer to look for particular things, if you want specific ob- servations done as part of your evaluation plan, somebody else should be doing that.
  3. Third, somebody must be available to talk to parents as they drop students off.
Beyond that, it's up to you how you do things. Sometimes graduate students have been individually responsible for given chunks of lesson plan; sometimes they've worked as pairs to produce plans. You can talk to Amy or Tracy about money for snacks, materials, and so forth.