Math 147: Graduate Teaching Seminar

Summer 2014
Kemeny 200, 1-4pm (apart from 12-5pm during math camps). Instructors: Marcia Groszek and Alex Barnett
Teaching assistant: Jenny Harnish


Here are the course goals as a PDF file.


The readings (see pre-course work) will be:

For Duckworth you'll want to read a bit on Piaget before you start, eg here. Watching the videos of kids is fun too (lots more on youtube).

Required books to buy

All have been ordered at Wheelock Books:

Timeline and Assignments

The summer teaching course will be June 30 - August 8, with no class on July 4. Please block out 1-4pm each day in the regular course; some weeks we'll only use 4 of the 5 days. High school math camp will be the weeks of July 14 through 18 and July 28 through August 1 (please block out noon-5pm all days these weeks).

In the week after seminar meetings, August 11 through 15, you will probably have guest teaching. We may need to move some classes to work around the guest teaching schedules of graduate students, or the schedules of our guest speakers.

weekday (date)tasks / group work / readings dueactivities
1M June 30 pre-course work Introductions, syllabus, goals of M147, good/bad learning experiences, categories of features of good ones; settings learning goals (importance, content vs higher-level, two hypothetical courses), brainstorm assessment of a tricky goal.
Tu July 1 prepare 5-min talks, MC1 goals 5-minute presentations (feedback forms, videocamera); brainstorm benefits of lecturing vs of reading, features of good lectures, brainstorm evaluation of one math camp goal.
We 2 recap Zull, eval MC1 goals, video response Chapter summaries of Zull, using Zull to improve teaching, design a learning cycle for 2nd derivatives; what is a lesson plan, design a lesson plan segment
Th 3 Duckworth, video response, MC topic Discuss Piaget & Duckworth, inspirational Duckworth idea, commit to two MC1 goals, dissect MC1 goal assessment plans; instructor examples of cooperative learning, brainstorm advantages and disadvantages, MC1 spreadsheet.
2M 7 MC1 plan, coop readings Feedback/dissection of MC1 plan, math goals, exercise on assessment questions; pair explain coop methods, exercise on coop lesson plan for chain rule.
Tu 8 Skemp, coop lesson plan Discuss Skemp, concept map exercise; classroom assessment techniques, pairs exercise adding CATs to chain rule lesson plans.
We 9 first 2 days MC1 lesson plans Feedback on lesson plans; readings on coop learning, jigsaw exercise on building coop learning plan for Math 20.
Th 10 5-min lecture + Hativa 5-minute lectures and feedback (in 007), brainstorm blackboard technique; discuss Hativa, MC1 assessment plan, tweaking content goals.
Fr 11 all lesson plans for MC1; video response Feedback on lesson plans; classroom management.
3M 14 - F 18 Math Camp 1. 1-4pm each day. (Meet at noon; debrief 4-5pm). Topic chosen: Graph Theory.
4M 21 MC2 topic, goals Questionnaire. MC1 feedback, discuss MC2 topic, goals; Bloom's taxonomy, categorizing FTC problems, creating structured exam questions.
Tu 22 MC2 sketch and eval plan Discuss MC2 plans and assessment, Pygmalion effect; teaching successful collaboration skills in calculus and math camp.
W 23 1st 2 days MC2 lesson plans Discuss lesson plans, creating evaluation questions for goals in MC2, editing a lesson plan to flip lecture and group work; Felder-Silverman learning styles (questionnaire), creating writing exercises for related rates.
Th 24 5-min lecture; MC2 days 1-3 writing lesson plans for FTC addressing all learning styles; discuss remaining lesson plans.
Fr 25 5-min MC1 video analysis no class
5M 28 - F Aug 1 Math Camp 2. 1-4pm each day. (Meet at noon; debrief 4-5pm). Topic chosen: The Symmetry of Things.
M 4 Krantz; do an IAT Practical issues: syllabi, textbooks, honor code, dress code. 2:40-4pm: Diversity issues: Leslie Schnyder (ASC), Larissa Hopkins (SAS), Kapi`olani Laronal (OPAL).
Tu 5 AAUW; find statements 1:30-3pm: Dartmouth resources: Carl Thum (ASC), Larissa Hopkins (SAS), Natalie Hoyt from Undergraduate Deans' Office.
W 6 own TS; bring qu's; read Phys Today 1-2:30pm: Cynthia Tobery and Adrienne Gauthier (DCAL). 2:45-4pm: Q+A experienced graduate instructors.
Th 7 5-min final pres final pres. Faculty chats.
course portfolio This is due Tues Aug 26 on dropbox

Online workspaces

Please upload homeworks and lesson plans to the m147x14 folder on DropBox. You will receive instructions by email about this.

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