Homework due day 11

1) Overall plan for MC2, and evaluation plan. Please upload this or give us print-outs by noon Tuesday.

Please choose your topics for each day, and who does what each day. You also need to create your detailed evaluation plan for your overall non-content goals, and two current mathematical content goals. Think about formative as well as summative, and formal as well as informal ways to evaluate. You may not yet know all of your detailed content goals, but include what kinds, format, and timing of content evaluations you will do. Your evaluation plan needs to be of high enough quality to be put in a portfolio that you would exhibit to demonstrate the quality of your teaching (for job applications, tenure, grant application, etc). This means that your summative evaluation plan needs to be completely finalized by Sunday evening, so that your evaluation is valid (if it changes once the camp is in progress, it is not valid!)

2) Read 5.5 pages on social factors in cooperative learning handed out from the ``Readings in Cooperative Learning `` book.

The rest of this week's homework will be, as you expect, lesson plans, plus short readings.