Homework due day 3

1) Zull

Be ready to explain and comment on one or two important ideas from the chapter of Zull we assigned you in today's class. If you are one of the people who read the whole book, then also be ready to explain and comment on one or two important ideas from the remainder of the book (ie not the chapters 2,3,4,6,11,12 which everyone read).

2) Evaluation of one MC1 goal:

Design an evaluation plan for one math camp goal. [For science fellows, this is instead a goal from Chem 5.] (Each of you will be assigned one of the goals on your list.) Include both qualitative and quantitative (numerical) evaluation measures. Please be detailed on how you will obtain data, and how you will evaluate that data. For instance, if you plan to count the number of comments/questions: What indicates success? A given number? A given rate? An increase over time? If you ask a question: How will you ask it? (In class? To each student individually? In writing?) What answers will indicate success?

Submit your plan in writing by the beginning of Wednesday's class.

3) Individual response to 5-min videos (due Thursday, day 4):

Watch your taped sample presentation (this can be painful or embarrassing for any of us; you may find it helpful to schedule in instructor or classmate to watch it with you). Write an analysis (about 1.5 pages), including what you were trying to accomplish (your goals for the presentation), how well you think you did, and what you learned from the audience and instructor responses and from watching the tape. Conclude by discussing specifically how you hope to further develop or improve as a lecturer in the near future. Include time-codes (eg 04:20 - 04:30) from your video for at least two examples to illustrate your analysis.

Include as an appendix the actual audience response forms, as we don't have copies.

Heads-up: by Thursday (day 4) you will as a group have to decide on a Math Camp 1 topic.