Homework due day 5

1) As a group, produce a detailed overall plan for the first math camp, ie the schedule (timing each day), what topics will happen when, and who will teach them. Please either upload to dropbox, or deliver a couple of copies to one of our mailboxes, by noon Monday. Also include: your detailed evaluation plan for the two non-content goals you chose (#5 and #7; keep in mind the level of detail discussed in class, and formative vs summative evaluation), an evaluation plan for the content goals, who is doing evaluation in each time slot, and who is getting/setting up snacks each day. You don't need lesson plans; you will do these next week.

There are three main requirements:

Beyond that, it's up to you how you do things. Have fun with it. Don't forget that the grass area outside is also available. You can talk to Amy or Tracy about money for snacks, materials, and so forth.

2) From Rogers-Davidson-Reynolds book on Coop learning, read Ch. 2 and either the first part (up to p. 38) or last part (p.38 to end of chapter) of Ch. 3, as assigned in class. This book has lots of practical tips and examples.