Homework due day 6

1) (due Tuesday, day 6) Individually, complete the lesson plan for the chain rule cooperative learning experience you developed in class. Include all the details. If you will address the class as a whole, what will you say? If you will write anything on the board, exactly what? If you will use worksheets, prepare them and include them in your lesson plan. How much time will each portion of the activity take? What prior knowledge is assumed? Ensure that you leave lots of margin or vertical space (for possible additions on Tuesday's class), and bring a print-out or photocopy to class.

2) (due Tuesday, day 6) Be ready to present your assigned chapters of Skemp, or if you read the whole book, ideas from the remaining chapters.

3) (due day 7, Wednesday). As a group, create complete lesson plans for the first two days of math camp 1, or if you are not teaching in these two days, your first lesson plan. These must include for each lesson: goals, materials, assessment plans (this means copies of the actual questionnaires you'll use, and who will handle them, what observers will do and from where in the room), approximate timing. It's crucial that the group checks that the prior knowledge needed for each lesson is already present. Lesson plans can be uploaded to dropbox or placed in one of our mailboxes by noon Wednesday.