Homework due day 8

(1) Individually each prepare a 5-minute lecture segment of a lesson plan from math camp 1, to be delivered at the start of Thursday's class and videoed. Explicitly make use of techniques from the Hativa (1983) article; this requires reading Hativa. Also hand in to us your (mini) lesson plan with annotations (which can be by hand) showing us where the categories of good techniques from Hativa you are using appear in your lesson segment. Use reference numbers from Table 1 of Hativa (eg, 1.23). Also tell us one goal from your first video feedback essay that you are working on in this presentation. If you don't have a suitable 5-minute lecture segment in your lesson plan, you can create one (which you won't necessarily use in math camp, but could if you wished to).

(2) (due 11am Friday, day 9). Complete lesson plans for Math Camp 1, on dropbox in the lesson plan folder by 11am (so we have time to read them before discussions). This will include any revisions that came out of discussions today, and any remaining lesson plans not yet written.