Portfolio due Tues Aug 26

Final Math 147 Assignment, due at the end of this term (Tues August 26):

Create a digital course portfolio. This will both document your work in Math 147 and provide a starting point for a professional portfolio for job applications. Your portfolio should include:

  • A cover page with table of contents.
  • The essay you wrote before the course began about your goals for the course. You may edit this for spelling and grammar, but don't change the content; this is a historical document.
  • A short essay describing your development as a presenter during this course, referring to the videos of your first and last 5-minute lectures for illustration. (Both videos are viewable via VLC on the pedagogy powerbook). What have you learned? What skills have you gained or further developed? In what areas are you currently working on becoming still better?
  • An existing lesson plan (written by you) for a segment of math camp, including a cooperative learning activity, with a short preface explaining why you made the choices you did, and how the lesson went. (Why, given what you know about how students learn mathematics, did you expect this lesson plan to be effective?) You may edit the lesson plan for spelling, grammar, and completeness (for example, including relevant goals), but do not change the content. If the actual lesson differed from the plan, you can mention how and why. Alternatively, if you included a coop learning activity in a guest lecture by this point, you may use that.
  • A short essay about what you learned, or how you developed as a teacher, during this course. Don't try to be encyclopedic; it's better to develop two or three important points. You may want to refer back to your goals essay.
  • Your draft teaching statement. (We can give feedback to you on these; let us know).
  • Optional: Anything else you want to include; for example, a discussion of the evaluation plan for a math camp goal (you could choose a content goal or a non-content goal, and you could focus on either the plan or the results); an assignment (for example, your sample lesson plan for teaching the chain rule, or your structured exam question on the fundamental theorem); another short video clip illustrating something important about your teaching, with a short accompanying discussion.

    Hints: You can upload a zip file to dropbox with separate PDF files. Or, ghostscript (gs) is one way to concatenate PDF files on the command line. Ask Alex if stuck.