Math 14

Fall Term 2003

Professor Bogart

Course Information


Math 14 is a course in Vector Calculus.  Our textbook is Vector Calculus, second edition, by Susan Colley.


The course meets from 8:45-9:50 MWF in Room 103 Bradley Hall.  Older documents show it at another time, but 9L is correct.  Our X-hour will be Tuesday at 8:45-9:50.  Occasionally we may need to reschedule the X-hour to Thursday.  Such rescheduling will be announced significantly in advance.  To check whether we are using the X-hour in a given week, check the schedule for the course at the beginning of the week.  This Schedule is going to be updated frequently, so expect it to change.


Math 14 is an honors course.  This means we assume that students who enroll are eager for a conceptual view of the subject, and are willing to do some work on their own in order to get that conceptual view.  For the first few weeks of the term, what we cover in class will be significantly different from what you are covering in the textbook.  In part this is because much of what you will be reading in the book is at least partly a review, and in part because we are going to cover the foundations of vector calculus in more detail in class than it was possible for the author to cover them in the book.


There will be homework due on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.   It is to be submitted in the wooden box outside Room 104 Bradley in the section marked "Math 14 Turn in Homework Here."  It will be graded and then returned in class.  In weeks when we use the X-hour, homework will still be due Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, whether or not we have class on all of those days.  This is to make sure that you have ample time to work on the homework.  There will be problems from the book and, especially early in the term, there will be problems based on what we do in class.  Rachel Esselstein will be the tutor for Math 14.  She will hold homework help sessions on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7PM till 9PM in Room 104 Bradley.  She will also be available on a limited basis by appointment via blitzmail.  We recommend contacting her at least a day in advance with a request to meet with you and ask you to be aware that she may be unable to meet with you on the day you request.  Be careful to give her even more advance notice of a request for an appointment immediately before exams, because students frequently forget that tutors are busy people and don't always have time to meet with them on the day before an exam or on the day of an exam.  You may also ask questions during Prof. Bogart's office hours (MWF 10:15-11:00) or arrange to meet with him at another time by blitzmail.


There will be two exams during the term in this course.  Each of these exams will have a classroom component (in either a Tuesday or a Thursday X-hour) and a take-home component.  Their tentative times are on the schedule.  The registrar has already scheduled the final exam at 8:00 AM on Sunday Dec 7.  The final exam will have both a take-home component and the scheduled component in the classroom.  The take-home component will be due at the beginning of the classroom exam component on Sunday Dec. 7.  Your homework will count for 20 percent of the grade, the final exam for 40 percent and each of the other exams for 20 percent.  However when I compute your final score I will drop the lowest of: half your final exam score, your homework score, or your score on one of the other exams.   The application of the honor principle to the course is simple.  You may give or receive no assistance on exams, either take-home or classroom, except from your instructor.  You may consult your textbook and notes on the take-home portion of an exam, but not on the classroom portion.  You may not use any internet or library resources on the exams. 


You are welcome to work together or to use internet or library resources in figuring out how to do the homework.  However, the final draft of your homework must be your own, which you write consulting only your own notes or textbook.


Students who need special accommodation for disabilities should consult with Professor Bogart before the end of September.  It is Professor Bogart’s custom to consult with the Academic Skills Center, 301 Collis Center, 646-2014 in order to meet students’ needs in appropriate ways.  It is in your interest to consult with this office if you have special needs.