We'll probably spend some of Monday talking about 11.4. After that, we're moving on to Chapter 14. You should work on reading 14.1 and 14.2 by Wednesday. We'll cover 14.3 lightly (if at all), so try to have 14.4 read by Friday.


Due Monday, October 4

1 A particle follows a curve is given in polar coordinates by the formula $$ \cases{ r(t) = (1-t) \cos(t) \cr \theta(t) = t^3 } $$ At the point $(1,0)$, what is the velocity of the particle in the $\theta$-$r$ coordinates? What is the velocity of the particle in the usual $x$-$y$ coordinates? Explain what just happened here.

2 You are standing on a hill which slopes at angle $\theta$, and you are going to throw a ball down the hill. At what angle should you throw the ball in order to have the horizontal distance travelled be as large as possible?

Due Wednesday, October 6

Section 11.4 # 4, 6, 7

Due Friday, October 8

Section 14.1 # 13, 14, 19
Section 14.2 # 3, 4, 10, 15, 22