Fall 2003 Mathematics 15.1: IMPS

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Welcome to IMPS!

Integrated Mathematics and Physical Science is a calculus course designed especially for engineering majors enrolled concurrently in Physics 13. We will make a special effort to connect math topics with applications in physical science. If you are planning to be an engineer, chemist or physicist, and have placed out of Math 3, this is a better course for you than Math 8. Together, Math 15.1 and 15.2 give an equivalent preparation to Math 8 and 13, but with the added bonus of being with other engineering, physics and chemistry majors.

Class meets MWF 11:15-12:20
X-hour Tu 12:00-12:50 We will meet in 104 Gerry the FIRST DAY ONLY of class.
After that we will meet in 111 Wilder.
Note that the X-hour will also be in Wilder, although tutorials will be in Gerry.

Professor Dorothy Wallace
202 Choate House
Office Hours M-F 8:30-9:30

Teaching Assistants
Lizz Moseman
Yanming Li
Office 1L

Tutorials Tu 7-10pm in 115 Wilder, Th 7-10pm, Sun 2-5pm, in 104 Gerry
Please pick up your text at the Thayer Copy Center in Thayer Dining Hall (upstairs).
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