CS 21/Math 19 - Course Notes
This course will be based on the following course notes by Ken Bogart and Cliff Stein:
Discrete Math in Computer Science.

The notes will be released one section at the time on the day the section is covered.
The notes are on PDF format and you are welcome to print them.

Section 1.1 Basic Counting
Section 1.2 Counting Lists, Permutations, and Subsets
Section 1.3 Binomial Coefficients
Section 1.4 Equivalence Relations and Counting

Section 2.1 Cryptography and Modular Arithmetic
Section 2.2 Inverses and GCDs
Section 2.3The RSA Cryptosystem
Section 2.4 Details of the RSA Cryptosystem

Section 3.1 Equivalence and Implication
Section 3.2 Variables and Quantifiers
Section 3.3 Inference and Proofs

Section 4.1 Mathematical Induction
Section 4.2 Recursion, Recurrences and Induction
Section 4.3 Graphs
Section 4.4 Spanning Trees and Rooted Trees

Section 5.1Growth Rates and Solutions to Recurrences
Section 5.2 The Master Theorem
Section 5.3 More General Kinds of Recurrences
Section 5.4 Recurrences and Selection

Section 6.1Introduction to Probability
Section 6.2 Unions and Intersections
Section 6.3 Conditional Probability and Independence
Section 6.4 Random Variables
Section 6.5 Probability Calculations in Hashing
Section 6.6 Conditional Expectations, Recurrences and algorithms
Section 6.7 Probability Distributions and Variance


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