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Course Description: Math 1 and Math 2 together cover the same material as Math 3. Taking both is equivalent to Math 3.

Course Prerequisites: High school algebra.

Text: Calculus with Applications by Varberg and Fleming

Tutorial: Carpenter 201F

Monday: 8-10pm (Anthony)
Tuesday: 7-9pm (Jennifer)
Wednesday: 8-10pm (Anthony)
Thursday: 6-8pm (Jennifer)

Homework: Homework will be given every class period except Friday, and will be due at the beginning of the following class. Late homework is not permitted for any reason. Your two lowest homework grades will be dropped to allow for missed assignments. Expect to spend approximately 2 hours working on homework outside of class for every hour spent in class. Homework will be listed on the course web page.

Course Web Page: The web page is located at Alternatively, you can go to the math department page at, click on Web Pages by Course, and then click on Math 1 Fall 2001. There you will find the homework as it is assigned, dates of exams, and a smattering of other things.

Exams: There will be two exams during the quarter in addition to one final exam. The two exams will be held on Monday, Oct 15 and Monday, Nov 5. The time of the final exam will be announced at a later date. It is Dartmouth policy that final exams are not subject to rescheduling so please do not make your plans to leave campus until the Registrar has announced the schedule for finals.

Hour Exam 1: Monday, October 15, 2001 - Bradley 102 at 7PM
Hour Exam 2: Monday, November 5, 2001 - Bradley 102 at 7PM
Final Exam: Sunday, Dec. 9 from 4:00-6:00PM.

The location of the final exam will appear on the registrar's webpage about two weeks before the end of classes.

Weekly Quizzes: The last day of every week (usually a Friday) there will be a short 10 minute quiz to make sure you've been keeping up with the homework. The types of problems on the quiz will be very similar in style to those assigned in homework. Missing class on the day of a quiz will result in a score of zero on that quiz. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped when figuring out your final grade.

Quizzes will be given on Friday of each week, except for the week of October 26. That week the quiz will be given on Wednesday, October 24 for Section 2 and Thursday, October 25 for Section 1.

There will be no class November 22 and 23 due to Thanksgiving break. There will also be no quiz during that week.

Here is a list of all quiz dates.

Note About Office Hours: The instructors encourage you to come by their offices if you have any questions, need help with homework problems, or would just like to talk about the material.

Grading: The components of the course are weighted as follows

Hour Exam 1: 100
Hour Exam 2: 100
Final Exam: 150
8 Quizzes (10 pts each): 80
Homework (2pts each): 50
Total: 480

(There are 25 homework assignments. Each of these is graded as 0,1,or 2:

  • 0 means major errors and/or little to show,
  • 1 means significant errors and/or only partially complete,
  • 2 means substantially complete and correct.

Honor Principal: Dartmouth students are expected to adhere to the honor principal. In this course this shall mean the following: Homework can and should be worked on and discussed with others. However, the write up should be independent. Exams shall be worked on independently. The exams are closed book and closed notes. Calculators are NOT permitted on exams.

Special Needs: Any student with a disability or chronic health problem for whom special accommodations would be helpful is encouraged to discuss with the instructor the types of assistance that might be offered. Also, stop by the Academic Skills Center to register for support services.