Math 1: Fall 2008

Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry

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Homework will consist of a combination of problems on Webwork and written material from the textbook or similar to those in the textbook. To get a sense of how we expect you to approach the homework see the "Attack Plan" for the course here. Read especially the second half of the italicized text in the box. The grading of the written homework will focus on showing your work clearly more than on getting the correct answer.

In a typical week students will have webwork assignments due on Monday and Wednesday and a more substantial written assignment due on Friday. Please see the course website for information on logging into webwork. Written assignments will be distributed during class. If you are absent, please contact your instructor for a copy of the assignment as you will not be excused nor given additional time.

Full solutions to many book problems are available at Please email your instructor for password information. Note that most of the problems we assign will not have solutions available, but practice problems and problems similar to the homework will have solutions available.