Math 20, Fall 2003


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The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated as changes occur.




9/241.2Basic Probability
9/261.2Basic Probability cont'd
9/293.1Combinatorics: Permutations
10/13.1; 3.2Permutations and Combinations
10/33.2Combinations cont'd
10/63.2Combinations cont'd
10/84.1Conditional Probability
10/104.1Conditional Probability cont'd
10/134.1; 6.1Expected Value
10/156.1Expected Value cont'd
10/206.2Variance cont'd
10/22 Midterm Exam 1
10/245.1Important Distributions
10/275.1Important Distributions cont'd
10/295.1Important Distributions cont'd
10/308.1Law of Large Numbers
10/31 No class
11/39.1Central Limit Theorem
11/59.1CLT cont'd
11/79.1; 9.2CLT and Statistics, General CLT
11/109.2General CLT cont'd
11/12 Midterm Exam 2
11/1411.1Introduction to Markov Chains
11/1711.2Absorbing Markov Chains
11/1911.2Absorbing Markov Chains cont'd
11/21 No class
11/2411.3Regular Markov Chains
11/26 No class (Thanksgiving break)
11/28 No class (Thanksgiving break)
12/111.3Ergodic Markov Chains
12/3 Review

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