Math 20: Discrete Probability

Last updated September 7, 2012

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Homework will be assigned most weeks, for a total of 8 assignments. Assignments will generally be due the week after they're handed out on Wednesday at the beginning of class. Homework solutions should be written legibly in pen or pencil or typed and should be turned in on time. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework will be posted on this website (below).

Problem Sessions (in x-hour)

You should notice that 5% of your grade is based on "Problem Sessions". During x-hour, we will hold problem sessions where you can get points for completing a short assignment. The problems will be slightly harder than homework problems and you will be encouraged to work in groups (though this is not required). If you do work in groups, you can turn in one answer sheet per group, but make sure everyone in the group has signed their name to the sheet you turn in. There will be 5-7 x-hours we'll use for these problem sessions and they will be graded credit/no credit. You will need credit for all but one of them to get all 5%.


You will need Matlab for some of your homework assignments this term. You can download Matlab here.

Here are some of the Matlab commands we learned in the first x-hour, and here are the two sample functions we went over: cointosses.m, DiceRolls.m. Saved session from the first x-hour.

Other Matlab functions we've created in class: bday.m, hatcheck.m, coinTossesHist.m

A few more resources are Bare Essentials of Matlab by Alex Barnett, Getting Started with Matlab, and Notes on Matlab.

Probability Online

Probability Online is a program that has been used for several recent offerings of Math 20. We will use it for certain homework problems, for checking Matlab code, and for additional practice problems (including even-numbered book problems), for which it gives you immediate feedback regarding your answer. You can log in to Probability Online here. Your username is your first name and last initial (all lowercase). So if your name is Peter Parker, then your username is peterp. Your password is your student number.

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