Math 20 Homework Assignments and Labs

Fall 2013


Problems are from the course textbook unless otherwise noted. Homeworks are due to the course box outside Kemeny 008 by 5pm on Monday.

Assignment 1 Due September 23Problem set 1
Assignment 2 Due September 30 Problem set 2
Assignment 3 Due October 7Problem set 3
Assignment 4 Due October 14Problem Set 4
Assignment 5 Due October 21Problem Set 5
Assignment 6 Due October 28Problem Set 6
Assignment 7 Due November 4Problem Set 7
Assignment 8 Due November 11Problem Set 8
Assignment 9 Due November 19Problem Set 9

Labs in R

Labs should be uploaded to blackboard by 5pm the day following your x-hour.
Lab 0 Do the "On Your Own" questions in Lab 0
Lab 1 Answer the questions here.
Lab 2 Exercise 4.2.10 (a) in the textbook.
Lab 3 Exercise 6.1.32 in the textbook. Also repeat for the first time the sum is greater than
1/2 and 1/4, can you predict the expected number of times before it is more than 1/3?
Lab 4 The law of Large Numbers
Lab 5 Google Pagerank
Last modified 17 November 2013.