Math 20: Discrete Probability

Last updated May 27, 2013

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There will be one midterm exam and a cumulative final exam. The midterm will be held on Thursday, April 25, from 5--7 PM in Carson L01. If you are unable to make an exam, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor at least 48 hours prior to the exam and arrange a make-up time.

Here is the midterm, with solutions.

The final exam will be on Friday, May 31, from 8--11 AM in Kemeny 105.

Here is the final, with solutions.

The midterm will be on material covered in class through April 22. If you would like some idea of what the exam will look like, please look at the following past exams. The exam will not necessarily be identical in form or content to these exams, but if you are good at solving the problems on the previous exams, then you should expect to be good at solving problems on the exam you will take as well.

Midterm 1 from Summer 2009

Midterm 1 from Summer 2011

Midterm 2 from Fall 2011

Midterm 2 from Summer 2011

Final Exam from Summer 2012