Math 20
Discrete Probability
Last updated March 26, 2014

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After the first midterm, you will decide whether or not you want to do a project for this couse. This is a decision best made based on your goals for the course.

Reasons to do a project

You want to learn more material than is being covered
There is a specific application or result you want to learn more about
A higher percentage of your final grade will be based on work from outside of class
Reasons not to do a project

The project is extra work
There are no consequences for not doing a project
How projects work

Once you decide to do a project, there will be two check-ins and several intermediate steps to help keep you on track. A complete description is available here. There is some flexibility in what a finished project will include. It must have a written component and some practical component.
Potential topics

Here are some potential topics. You are encouraged to find topics of interest to you. Some of these topics have room for more than one project.
Applications of modeling
Mathematics of shuffling
Poisson processes and there applications
Random walks and recurrence (Chapter 12 ot text)
Generating functions (Chapter 10)
Probability in Sports
Probability in stock markets
Probability and option pricing
Information theory
Random number generators and randomness
Stopping rules for Markov chains
Simulating continuous random variables
Visualizing probability