Math 22, Spring 2003


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The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated as changes occur.




3/261.1Systems of Linear Equations
3/27 Proof Workshop (get pdf solutions)
3/281.2Row Reduction and Echelon Forms
3/311.3Vector Equations
4/21.4,1.5The Matrix Equation Ax=b; Solution Sets of Linear Systems
4/3 Application Workshop
4/41.6Linear Independence
4/71.7Introduction to Linear Transformations
4/91.8The Matrix of a Linear Transformation
4/10 Proof Workshop (get pdf solutions)
4/112.1,2.2Matrix Operations; The Inverse of a Matrix
4/142.2,2.3The Inverse of a Matrix; Characterizations of Invertible Matrices
4/16 MIDTERM 1
4/17 Application Workshop
4/183.1,3.2Introduction to Determinants; Properties of Determinants
4/214.1Vector Spaces and Subspaces
4/234.2Null Spaces, Column Spaces, and Linear Transformations
4/244.3Linearly Independent Sets; Bases
4/25 No Class
4/284.4 Coordinate Systems
4/304.5The Dimension of a Vector Space
5/1 Application Workshop
5/54.7Change of Basis
5/75.1Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
5/95.2The Characteristic Equation
5/145.4Eigenvectors and Linear Transformations
5/15 Proof Workshop
5/166.1Inner Product, Length, and Orthogonality
5/196.2Orthogonal Sets
5/216.3Orthogonal Projections
5/22 Application Workshop
5/236.4The Gram-Schmidt Process
5/28 Review

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