Math 22: Schedule, topics and worksheets - SUMMER 2006

weekdatereading daily topics / links to worksheets & demos
1Jun 23 F website, 1.1 Systems of linear equations.
24 Sa -(no lecture)
26 M 1.2Row reduction, echelon forms.
27 Tu X-hr 1.3(catch-up lecture) Vector equations. Span worksheet.
28 W 1.4-1.5HW1 due. The matrix equation Ax=b, solution sets.
230 F 1.6 (last 2 pp), 1.7App: network flow. Linear independence.
Jul 3 M1.8Intro to linear transformations Lin xform worksheet.
4 Tu X-hr -(holiday, no X-hr)
5 W1.9HW2 due. The matrix of a linear transformation. Onto worksheet.
37 F1.10 (last 2 pp), 2.1 App: difference eqns. Matrix operations.
10 M2.2(subst prof) The inverse of a matrix.
11 Tu X-hr -(no X-hr)
12 W2.3HW3 due. (subst prof) Characteristics of invertible matrices.
414 F2.5, 3.1LU factorization. Determinants Practise midterm 1 (answers).
17 M3.2Properties of determinants.
18 Tu X-hr -practice problem session.   Midterm 1: 6-8pm.
19 W4.1HW4 due. Vector spaces and subspaces.
521 F4.2Null and column spaces.
24 M4.3Bases
25 Tu X-hr Matlab resourcesWorkshop: getting started with Matlab (some code from class)
26 W4.4HW5 due. Coordinate systems.
628 F4.5Dimension of a vector space.
31 M4.6The Rank Theorem.
Aug 1 Tu X-hr -(no X-hr)
2 W5.1HW6 due. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues (Eigen worksheet)
74 F5.2The characteristic equation (Char eqn worksheet). Practise midterm 2 (answers).
7 M5.3Diagonalization
8 Tu X-hr -practice problem session.   Midterm 2: 6-8pm (solutions).
9 W4.9HW7 due. Markov chains (code to evolve chain).
811 F4.9 App: Google PageRank (see links in Resources)
14 M5.6, 6.1Discrete dynamical systems, inner product, orthogonality (applet (go to Use Homog...))
15 Tu X-hr -Special lecture
16 W6.2, 6.3HW8 due. Orthogonal sets, orthogonal projections (worksheet).
918 F6.5Least-squares problems
21 M7.1Symmetric diagonalization
22 Tu X-hr -(no X-hr)
23 WHW9 due (last lecture). Review. worksheet (mainly orthogonal diagonalization). New topics list. Practise final (answers)
26 SaFinal Exam: August 26th, 8-11am, Bradley 104 (usual room).