Math 22 - Spring 2012

Dartmouth College

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Course Description:

Linear algebra is the study of vector spaces and the linear transformations between such spaces. In this class we will work mostly with the vector space Rn. We will learn how to represent linear transformations with matrices and study different types of linear transformations, such as diagonalizable transformations. During the last weeks of classes we will concentrate on applications. For a more detailed description on the topics we will learn in this class see the day to day syllabus.

Linear algebra is very important for both pure and applied mathematics. This is one of the reasons that it is a prerequisite for almost all of your math major courses. On the other hand, the techniques of linear algebra are used in engineering, physics, natural sciences, computer science and economics. For example, when we combine calculus with linear algebra we can solve linear systems of differential equations.

Goals of the course:
  • Students will learn the main concepts and techniques in linear algebra.
  • Students will learn some applications of linear algebra.
  • Students will be prepared for more advanced courses in mathematics that require linear algebra.
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