Math 22, Summer 2013, Resources

Linear Algebra with Applications

Dartmouth College, Department of Mathematics


Class materials:


Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4






Mini-lab 1






Predator-Prey lab instructions

Predator-Prey code


Solutions to Gram-Schmidt  and QR lab




Midterm I

Solutions to Midterm I


Midterm II

Solutions to Midterm II

(Note: one can show directly that the polynomials in #4 are linearly independent.  Showing this fact and noting that the dimension of P2 is 3, making reference to the basis theorem, would also be a sufficient solution.  However, the solution provided is good practice for problems where the linear dependence/independence of the given set is not obvious.)


Online demos:


Linear transformation of a polygon

Linear transformations and basic computer graphics

Change of coordinates